The philosophy of the school is premised on the value and principles from which health service policies are derived. The current advances and innovations in medical technology and changing trends in disease patterns have resulted in the movement to train health care professional at high levels of education to ensure the best quality of care for patients. Thus the basic qualification of health professionals has now shifted from certificate and diplomas to bachelor degrees and beyond.

Against this background the GBUC believes in producing a professional nurse who is capable to integrate Christian faith and academic learning in order to achieve efficiency and forming ethical relationships and empathic attitudes that contribute to the welfare and well-being of clients.

The programme is intended to equip the nursing student with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for the development of a successful professional career. It is therefore designed to help the student develop and increase in knowledge of relevant biological, physical and medical sciences and demonstrate the application of the research findings to nursing practices and patient management.

The nursing degree programme is essentially skills and competency based. The curriculum is multi-disciplinary and aims to provide the leaners with opportunities for intellectual and professional development .on completion, the nurse would have developed the habit of self – education that will foster a life-long practice of continuing self – professional development and growth and to be able to undertake research into health problems.

The nurse having received such training would then be in a unique position of playing the role of a teacher, leader, counselor, manager, researcher resource person as well as a care giver in the health delivery system.


The mission of the school of Nursing is to advance health and wellbeing and improve the quality of life of all manner of persons irrespective of race, creed, religious belief or social standing through quality nursing education and practices, research scholarship and creative activity.


The School of Nursing seeks to become a leading center of excellence and creation nursing education fully accredited and recognized for its research and innovation, scholarly activity and production of professionally competent and compassionate nurses.