Life on Campus.

Ghana Baptist University College admits students from diverse backgrounds on both national and international levels.  The Institution does not discriminate against anybody on grounds of colour, culture and religious affiliations.   Students pursuing various programmes at GBUC are given equal treatment as far as academic and social life on campus is concerned. For the purposes of addressing academic and other related matters affecting students, the students at GBUC have been assigned individually to academic tutors (counselors), whom they could contact from time to time for academic and social issues affecting them to be addressed. Besides, the office of the Dean of students serves as center for students’ guidance and counseling unit.

New Students Orientation
To make campus living and learning comfortable there is an orientation ceremony for all new students admitted to the Ghana Baptist University College. This is intended to welcome new students and help them to integrate into University life. Through the Registrar, Dean of students and the Departmental Heads, Students are guided and exposed to existing facilities, rules and regulations as well as their rights and privileges in the University College.

Use of University transport and other facilities
Students have adequate access to all facilities and other resources, which enhance effective learning and getting around on campus. University transport facilities may be ordered by organizers of approved student groups for any approved journeys in and outside the city of Kumasi in Ghana, where the University College is situated. There is bus services for some of our students who live in our hostel facilities at Abuakwa, and other areas in the city.