Ghana Baptist University College (GBUC) Alumni came into being when the first batch of the students graduated in November 2009. The first eleven graduants put themselves together to help resolve issues surrounding the Alumni.  Interim appointments were made and the group began meeting frequently.

1. Membership And Governance Structure

Membership of the Association comprises all graduates, diploma and certificate holders of the University College who have completed not less than one year of their courses of study at the University College.  To be a member in good standing, one should have paid all dues and any other commitment.

The governance structure of the Association consists of a National Executive Committee, a National Council and a national Congress.

2. Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • To promote the welfare of the Ghana Baptist University College Alumni.
  • To provide a medium by which interests in the University shall be promoted among the University’s Alumni where they may be;
  • Provide opportunities for the Alumni to make positive contributions towards the development of the University College, and the enhancement of her influence among the people in Ghana.
  • To perpetuate individual acquaintances and friendship and thereby bind the Alumni into a united fellowship for the social well-being of all members.
  • To establish and promote academic and social brotherhood among its members as well as the staff and students of the University by organizing symposia, lectures, seminars, and other social activities, and
  • To establish and maintain a central fund from which assistance to the University including special research grants and bursaries to students could be given.

3. Fellows And Honorary Members

Full members of the Alumni Association who have made exceptional contribution to the Association or the University College may be made ‘Fellows’ of the Alumni by Congress upon the recommendation of the National Council. The National Council, upon the recommendation of the National Congress, may make an individual who is not an alumnus, an honorary member of the Association, if in the opinion of Council, such an individual has made significant contribution to the Association or to the University. Honorary members shall not be eligible for election and shall have no voting rights.


The National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee as presently constituted includes the following:

  • National President            -          Mr. Emmanuel Asuah Dadzie
  • National Vice President     -          Ms. Mavis Boateng
  • General Secretary             -          Ms. Harriet Tuffour
  • National Treasurer             -          Mrs. Matilda Oppong
  • National Coordinator          -          Mr. Sefa Dankwah


The Alumni meet once every third Sunday of the month, between 4.00pm and 5.30pm at GBUC Campus.


The Alumni could be reached on any of the following numbers; 0244-888624; 0243-322083 and 0244-756042.

OR email: alumni@gbuc.edu.gh