Ghana Baptist University College’s Business School is the premier school of the University College and the brain child of Ghana Baptist Convention. The School was established as an additional school when the Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary was turned into a University College. The school was inaugurated on Saturday, 25th November, 2006 and matriculated its first batch of students on Saturday, March 31, 2007 with forty four (44) students out of which twenty six (26) of them were males and eighteen (18) were females. It started operations on the grounds of the old Ghana Baptist Convention offices in Amakom, Kumasi. It started as the School of Business and Information Technology and later renamed as School of Business Administration.

The strategic mandate of the School is derived from the mission statement of the University College, which essentially is to train and mentor men and women who will excel in influencing and impacting society through integration of academic learning and Christian faith.

The school offers variety of programmes which are relevant and valuable to the current and future needs of the country. Since its inception, the School has committed itself to holistic development of students to excel in a highly competitive business environment.


The Business School is committee to the following objectives:

  1. Train and produce a new generation of managers and administrators who are familiar with a wide range of management skills and operating techniques including new tools such as ICT.
  2. Equip graduates with specialized knowledge and skills to play meaningful roles in the management of the public and private sectors of the economy as well as the non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).
  3. Train graduates to have the design and capacity to meet the demands and aspirations for continuing education.
  4. Produce graduates who are able to think critically and analytically.
  5. Turn out responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the development of their societies, themselves and to their families.


The fundamental rationale of the school is to provide highly qualified graduates who show evidence of academic excellence, professional competence and high moral integrity in business and society. The Business School programmes have been designed to help students to think critically so as to be able to analyze contemporary business issues in order to be able to compete favorably with their local and foreign competitors.

The Faculty offers an accessible, reasonably-priced, professional education that enables students to transform their lives. To the faculty and staff, the School seeks to educate a student population and to pursue relevant professional development.

In our quest to champion excellent educational environment we seek to promote the following:

  1. Enhance quality and prestige of the GBUC. Increase the retention and success of students, and increase the University College’s leadership and presence in Ghana and the African continent.
  2. The cornerstone of the Faculty is an enthusiastic, student-oriented faculty who are knowledgeable in their particular disciplines.
  3. The Business Administration degree with its core specialization programmes are deliberately designed to equip students with the knowledge, attitude and skills required by Business Administrators to effectively meet the leadership, management and administration demands of the world.

The Business School has four departments namely: