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Excel for Accountants and Finance Officers

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool for analyzing and reporting data. For today’s Accountant, the ability to use Excel spreadsheet effectively brings significant personal and work place productivity gains. Excel is designed to save you time and make the work of calculating, displaying and sharing data very easy.  Even though many accountants use it routinely in their daily work, very few are abreast with many of the powerful features of Excel. This limits their ability to work efficiently in their work environments. This program will be administered by professionals who have developed commercial products using Excel.


                                                            Program Content

  • Use of Custom and Conditional Formats
  • Working With Pivot Tables
  • Using Formulas and Functions
  • Using Shared and Multiple Workbooks
  • Working with Range Names
  • Working With Macros
  • Charting, Lookup Functions
  • Using Excel Solver
  • Using Auto Filter
  • Mobile Office (Office 365)


IMPORTANT: Participants will be given practical projects to undertake on the last day. This is not a beginner’s class. For enquiries on beginner’s class call 054-124-9664.

Target Market: Accountants, Auditors, Finance Officers, Budget Officers, Tax Professionals.

Venue: Ghana Baptist University College, City Campus, Amakom, Kumasi

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