The students’ body at the Ghana Baptist University College is governed by the Students’ Representative Council (SRC).   Basically, the SRC serves as a mouth-piece of the students’ body and acts as a liaison between the administration and the students. The core function and powers of the executive committee of the SRC is centered on co-coordinating and serving as advisory organ of the entire students’ body in matters relating to students and other students’ organizations in Ghana and elsewhere.  This it does by serving as the voice of all students in dealing with issues that are necessary for a smooth academic environment.
Through its constant touch with the University College’s authorities the SRC works towards building healthy student – student, and student – staff relations.

The composition of the SRC
The Executive Committee of the SRC has six (6) elected members: The President, The Vice President, the General Secretary, The Financial Secretary, The Treasurer and The Women’s Commissioner.

The Constitution of the SRC
The constitution is the supreme law for the governance of all students, clubs, associations, societies, and unions in GBUC. The Executive Committee of the SRC in GBUC is therefore empowered to operate within the boundaries of the constitution in all matters relating to students’ social life on campus.

Activities of the SRC
Students admitted to Ghana Baptist University College, are empowered by the University College, (through the SRC), to undertake various programmes of activities considered beneficial to the total development of the students, tailored towards the core values of the University College.  Such programmes of activities include: industrial trips, inter – departmental debates, the SRC Week celebrations and a Campus Parliament dubbed “Friday Special”- a programme geared towards promoting interactive discussions amongst students through analysis of critical contemporary issues. The ultimate objective is enhancing the intellectual growth of students of the institution.