Students Life

Ghana Baptist University College (GBUC) has around 1,700 students across the College, including the Business, Theology and Ministry and Nursing schools located at Asem and Abuakwa. Students are admitted into the college every year in September and January. Students come from all 10 regions in Ghana and from other African countries;  from both public and private schools; from every ethnic and religious background. Student associations including extracurricular and athletic opportunities in addition to academics, Students are active around and beyond campus. Whether at Kass playing on the field or singing in the Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) Choir, healthy politicking through Tescon and Tein, writing or debating in the GBUC Debate Club, or researching in the library, GBUC students are continuously learning — and constantly busy!


The Hostel System

The privatehostels in close proximity to GBUC create a full collegiate experience for all four years of undergraduate education. These hostels include Classic View, Joy, Nyameye, Cyborg, Awo hostels which has continuously housed our students over the years.

Housing Day

After their first year at Harvard, students are placed into one of the 12 houses on campus and continue to live there for the remainder of their residential life at Harvard. Over ninety-seven percent of Harvard undergrads choose to live on campus for all four years, creating a strong campus community and undergraduate experience. Each house has a resident master and a staff of tutors, and includes a dining hall, common areas, and recreational and cultural spaces that help give them each a distinct character. Many even field their own intramural sports teams or theater ensembles. The houses themselves also have unique histories and traditions that bring the students together and help to foster the close and long-lasting ties amongst the residents of each house. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard College announced plans to launch the system wide effort to renew the University’s 12 undergraduate Houses. The announcement provides the first details about this ambitious initiative, unveiling the first full House to be renewed, the location of “swing” housing, and the pacing for the rest of the project.