Welcome to the office of the Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office provides both administrative and academic advisory services that support the
personal and academic success of students. The office provides non–academic educational programs and
also works in unison with academic departments to provide support for students in attaining their educational goals.


Craft opportunities to engage in scholarship and collaboration with students from other universities
Promote student success by creating meaningful co-curricular and leadership learning avenues within the various student bodies
Create an environment that encourages, supports, and bring student engagement with staff in a professional environment
Increase transparency and accountability of resources within the Student Representative and departmental associations Advocate for all students



Activities during the period included:

Providing academic counseling in partnership with Academic Counselors
Providing each class with an Academic Counselor Institutionalizing  fiscal responsibility and accountability within student bodies
Instituting a sense of community among students
Providing support to GBUC representatives in the Community Service Award for Tertiary Students program
Supervising the conduct of SRC and departmental elections
Advocating student interest at Academic Board and School Management Collaborating with faculty/academic counselors regarding academic
accommodations and post exam services for students