Conduct and Discipline

Ghana Baptist University College is a campus for molding professionals of the highest order. Hence, strict discipline is at the core of our activities.
Among other things, each student is expected to

  1. Maintain integrity, and eschew all forms of dishonesty including but not limited to cheating in exam, deceit,
    and noncompliance of the code of conduct and ethics as contained in the Academic Policies and Students Handbook.
  2. Be punctual to statutory functions including class and exams
  3. Respect the dignity and well-being of others etc.

The disciplinary process at Ghana Baptist University College takes inspiration from Galatians 6:1 which states that
“Brothers, if someone is caught in sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently, but watch yourself, or you may also be tempted.
In all cases, the Disciplinary Authority deems its interactions with students
who appear before it as opportunities for learning as well as processes for spiritual and personal growth.
Detailed disciplinary policies and procedures are contained in the Academic Policies and Students Handbook.