School Guidance Counseling

Working with Students:

The student, as the advisee, is an equal partner in the advising process. Each student is expected to:

  1. Contact and schedule regular appointments with his/her advisor each semester or when in need of assistance
  2. Clarify personal values, abilities, interests, and goals in academics and life with the academic advisor
  3. Become knowledgeable and adhere to institutional policies, procedures, and requirements at GBUC.


The advisor will monitor the progress toward the educational/career goals of individual students, meeting with him/her
at least once each semester to discuss grades and other performance indicators.
During counseling, advisors will not only solve or help to solve all academic related issues of the advisee, but will also approve
designated educational transactions such as the selection and/or change of program.

Where and when required, students may be signposted for additional support from the Dean of Students,
the college Registrar or the college President.
The list of academic advisors is provided to each course rep at the beginning of the semester. It is also pasted on SRC notice boards.